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When should I stop work? - Written by an Australian Midwife

{Pictured in Oliver light denim dress - maternity/breastfeeding}



Everyone has their own individual circumstances.

Whether you are in a high stress, full time job or working part time in an effortless job, there are certain factors we must all consider.


Firstly, it is important to be aware that your baby can be born anytime from 37 weeks.

Secondly, being a mum is a full time job. Especially with a newborn.


It is incredibly important that you get some ‘me time’ before your baby is born. This is VERY important. Don’t under estimate the importance of getting your nails done, watching a million movies, getting a massage, going for a quiet walk or in my case…talking to yourself.

You don’t get this time back. At least not for a very long while.


You therefore want to enjoy a good chunk of time away from work before your baby is born.


The other thing to consider is one of the hormones that gets released, giving you contractions and putting you into labour is oxytocin. This is the same hormone that gets released when you are happy. Pampering yourself helps to bring your baby into the world so you can squish their cute little face faster! It is hard to release this hormone with you are busy, tired and stressed with work.


Other things to consider is how your body is going to feel in late pregnancy.


Your iron levels first of all are commonly low in pregnancy. This carries oxygen around your body. It is therefore normal to feel tired because of this - please see your doctor or Midwife to get advice on treating this.

Being pregnant also makes you tired, simply from being pregnant. You may not even have the energy to complete your work to your full potential anyway towards the end. You have more weight to carry around. This is exhausting. It is also common to lack sleep at the end of pregnancy from discomfort, needing to pee all the time or simply your baby moving around all night. Tired, tired, tired.


The way I like to think about it is imagine you will have your baby at 37 weeks. How long would you like off before you have this baby.


Good luck! Don’t overwork yourself.

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