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How Did Maternity Dresses Get So Complicated?

Hello, I’m Yehudit (Judy) and the founder of yu & Co.


Being a registered Midwife for the past 9 years, I came to realise that clothing plays such a significant role in shaping a woman’s confidence into motherhood and well beyond.

I therefore started to look at maternity wear. During my journey I came to find clothes that are needed during pregnancy should be the same as the 'go to' outfits that carry you through motherhood.

 How on earth did Maternity dresses get so complicated?

 Amongst all the impressive maternity wear I’ve come across, the one most important item found were dresses. Just dresses. They are the one stop shop to all your body's needs. One item, multiple achievements.

By seeing maternity dresses put into action on a daily basis, it became so apparent that what was needed were dresses that didn't get in the way. Dresses that create the perfect silhouette for your ever changing body. Dresses you don't even need to think about.

With this thought, yu & Co was born.

Why us?

A Midwife knows a woman's body so well. It is only fitting for her to design her dresses.

Our dresses are what you need not just what you want.

yu & Co is about dresses that can be worn in any situation. Dresses that can be thrown on, require minimal fiddling, breathable and flattering. Dresses to wear through a rare nap but oozing with confidence when visitors arrive.

As a bonus the breathable dresses during your postnatal period help air out all your bits and pieces. We did say multiple achievements.

Shaped for pregnancy, breastfeeding, postnatal and forevermore, these dresses are designed by an Australian Midwife, 100% Australian owned, made in Australia and created for you.

xx Judy